Welcome to Aajeevika! We help you earning your livelihood.

A legendary name, established in 2007 by a Group of Professionals from varied industries with vast Technical & Managerial experience.

About us:

It is a well-guarded universal recruitment organization having methodical professionals with far-reaching understanding of the diverse characteristics of global and neighboring business and industry's explicit demands. Its entrepreneurial resourcefulness of locally owned and worldwide ambitious partnerships makes it in today's environment a leading executive recruitment and selection organization to cater to almost all needs of its varied clients all-across the sphere.


A special thanks to our astounding pledge to the paramount happiness of the businesses and job seekers that we have been able to derive an unshakable standing of being the most dependable, non-discriminatory and uncomplicated executive recruitment solution providers. Our overwhelming methodology and work principles, that have smartly benefited us in getting the jobs done swiftly and proficiently, our standing categorically has recognized us to be ahead in the turf of comprehensive executive search.


For our clients, we are committed to: -              For applicants, we are committed to: -

  • Lay their priorities and interests on top of our Organizationís anvil
  • Timely deliverance despite the consequences of any challenges
  • Hold walk-in interviews with-in Metro and other major cities of our Country
  • Sustain the maximum values of individual and professional reliability
  • Strictly retain their solitude
  • Optimally employ and execute their potential, accomplishments and career ambitions
  • Endow with suitable counseling and professional guidance
  • Optimally employ and execute their potential, accomplishments and career ambitions

Recruitment Process:

In the planning stage, we evaluate the needs and requirements of our clients to determine the required set of skills, understand organizational behavior and relationships. The appropriate initial planning enable us in identifying the needs of both the company as well as the candidates, which further leads us to deciding on a search strategy to target on specific skills, education, personality and experience.
After generating a appropriate plan our highly skilled and focused recruitment team starts implementing the planning which starts with Screening Interview followed by short-listing, Interview Scheduling with client & Reference Check.
Closure/On boarding
After getting interviewed of a candidate with client our dedicated recruiter involves in negotiation & Follow-up / progress . We actively participate in the negotiation process including compensation. Both the client and the candidates draw on our in-depth knowledge of market compensation and benefits in order to discuss and plan a competitive and equitable package. Understanding the importance of follow up, we keep in touch with the candidate until the time he / she joins the company.